Why Investing?

My interest in investing began right when I learned to read the news. As a 12 year-old with both parents engulfed in the financial industry, I sought to understand what was really going on in 2009. My father, a former securities broker, recounted the day’s market losses, as my mother, an executive search consultant, described the ample search projects that a financial collapse entails.

A number of questions came to mind as a young, learning investor: What is happening? Why are prices falling so much? Why is the street reacting as it is? Is it all hype, or are we really headed for a financial collapse that will cripple our economy? At a later point, I pondered the point at which a large bank merited a governmental bailout…

I soon learned about the home mortgage crisis, and how bankers pooled such assets in the form of CDOs which were grotesquely overrated by rating agencies. I read articles (like this) that outlined the significance of the stock market on the economy and our way of life. I will not delve into the details of the Great Recession, but the dynamic events in the global economy during  ’08-’09 (and since) stemmed my interest in the public equities market.

What to expect from this site: I am a liberal arts kid, and I think like a liberal arts kid. I will consider a variety of technical metrics, but prioritize a fundamental analysis approach to the stock evaluation process. I acknowledge that quantitative analysis is important to any prudent investment decision and I will implement a degree of this, but I think fundamentally first and foremost, mostly considering my favorite investors are Buffett and Marks. I consider greater market trends, press releases, FED announcements, etc, when arriving at investment opinions/opportunities. Occasionally I’ll include a price objective, but most of my posts will include higher-level insight.

The more I continue to learn about investing, the more I recognize that there is far more to learn. Understanding, let alone outsmarting public equity markets is a humbling task that requires a continual desire to grasp market behavior in vastly different economic conditions. Active management is daunting, especially when less than 50% of managers outperformed their respective benchmarks every year from ’08-’16. But I believe finding inefficiencies in the market and the pursuit of beating a benchmark is enthralling.

Thus, this is my website where I will regularly post investment ideas and topics based on prevailing market conditions.

Update Fall 2019: I will have limited activity (if any) on this site considering my role as a Private Equity Analyst comes with a variety of compliance restrictions.